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A Coloring Book for Nurses Who’ve Seen it All


All 36 illustrations in SAID NO NURSE EVER are original, high-resolution images (NOT clip art or reprints) with smooth, clean, crisp lines.

Some pages are very detailed, and others can be completed in one or two sessions – so it’s ideal for any time you want to sit down with a cup of coffee, and chill out with some creative coloring.

SAID NO NURSE EVER is a pretty wild and crazy coloring book, but then so is a nurse’s life. It makes for some delightfully snarky and fun coloring pages, and will not fail to put a smile on your face – because you know it is true. It’s fun to color, fun to share with your nurse friends. And those friends will definitely want to see every single color filled masterpiece you create. (And they will want a copy of their own.)

(Volume Two)
by Jess Erskine


Dive into the art of creative thinking!

Unleash your creativity as you collaborate with artist Jess Erskine to “finish the drawing.”

Volume two offers 50 all-new, entertaining and intricate challenges designed to stretch your imagination and artistic skills.

This all-new Volume Two has even more imaginative, dazzling and fun drawings to complete! Order your copy today and let YOUR artistic imagination run wild!

Check out the first in the series: Finish the Drawing Volume One!

A Coloring Book
by Jess Erskine


It’s a curious combo of cats, cupcakes, and colors. Have you ever seen a cat with sushi? Ever colored a cat on a cupcake? What about a cat taking a bath in soup? This curious collection by artist Jess Erskine features 25 original illustrations of cats cooking, playing, sleeping and chilling in the kitchen, and posing as only the most delectable gourmet delights.

All 25 illustrations are original, high-resolution images (NOT clip art or reprints) with smooth, clean, crisp lines. COOKING WITH CATS is printed at the same facilities that print the best-selling coloring books on Amazon, using quality 60# paper, which is perfect for colored pencils and pens.

Mix cute cats + your favorite foods + Jess Erskine’s detailed illustrations and you have the perfect coloring book for cat lovers, foodies, and coloring fans of all ages!

(Volume One)

by Jess Erskine


Jumpstart your drawings and fuel your imagination with 50 unique artistic prompts and partial drawings, ready for YOU to complete and color any way you wish!

Be creative, weird, visionary, fantastic, offbeat, whimsical, or just have loads of fun. Just grab the closest pencil or pen and… FINISH THE DRAWING!

Check out the second volume in the series: Finish the Drawing (Volume 2)

Written by Jim Erskine
Illustrated by Jess Erskine


This is a wonderfully simple and fun book/journal that lets you easily create a truly personalized keepsake for your mother. And best of all, this book will be filled with your own thoughts, words and memories – not a bunch of canned sentiments someone else has written.

Here’s just a few of the simple writing prompts from the book you can easily fill out and expand upon:

I love you because you showed me how I could _____________

I love you because you taught me to never _____________

I love you because of your selfless _______________

It speaks right from your heart to hers… and your mom will recognize and cherish that instantly.

With 50 beautifully detailed illustrations by Jess Erskine and your own 50 simple reasons that say just what you’ve been wanting to tell her, your mom will treasure this sweet little book for years to come. It’s a perfect present… just perfect!

Written by Jim Erskine
Illustrated by Jess Erskine


In COUPONS FOR COUPLES you’ll find 24 coupons (with a witty sense of humor) that will warm that special someone’s heart and show them just how much you care.

Here are just a few of the creative, delightfully illustrated coupons included in this little book:

One Cuddle and Snuggle Session (Because sometimes words aren’t needed)

Get Out of the Doghouse Free! (Even if you really do belong there)

Chore Swap of Your Choice (Because some things just get to you every once in a while)

One Romantic Serenade (it may not be great, but it will come from the heart)

Each coupon in this 5″ x 8″ book has a thoughtful “gift” that you can do for your sweetie on the front — plus an extra little “love note” on the back. Most of the ideas are no-cost or very little cost (like bringing home donuts, or going out for pizza), and all are fun for both of you!

Clip them, color them, swap them, redeem them: Any way you want to use it, this book is a treasure that will draw you and your sweetheart closer, and show them just how much you really care.

COUPONS FOR COUPLES is the perfect little “extra” ZING you’ve been looking for that you both will love!

by Jim Erskine


Looking for that PERFECT, PERSONALIZED, absolutely FULL OF LOVE gift for that very special person you adore? Aaaaaa!!! Search no further: This is it!

52 SIMPLE REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU (WRITTEN BY ME) is a delightfully creative and fun book that YOU turn into a personalized keepsake that your sweetheart will cherish.

With over 50 “this is why I love you” prompts designed to be super easy and fun for you to fill out for your special someone, the creative possibilities are endless: You can make your special book as sweet, silly, sexy or saucy as you want to. And best of all, this book will be filled with your thoughts and words – not a bunch of canned sentiments someone else has written.

Here’s just a few example prompts from the book that you can fill out and expand upon any way you wish:

I love you because you think I’m …

I love you because you always remember …

I love you because you have amazing …

I love you because you have a soft spot for …

I love you because you know how to make me …

Just think for a moment about YOUR special someone, and all the ways you could complete those sentences about them. It’s easy peasy – and comes right from the heart! Unlike other fill-in-the-blank books, these creative prompts are just enough to get you going, and make it a breeze to fill in the way YOU want.

Whether you’re feeling sentimental and romantic, or frisky, or funny, you’ll have a blast creating a treasured keepsake that shows just how much you really care.

Shitcover2 copy
A Creative Journal for Frustrated Humans


For anyone who’s ever been pissed off comes this delightfully vindictive and deeply satisfying journal that allows readers to vent their frustrations over all the crap that drives them crazy – in a creative, stress-relieving, and totally hilarious way.

Through a series of wickedly fun and quirky prompts, journalers can express just what they feel about everyday irritations like:

Stuff your family does that drives you nuts
Places you can’t stand
Conversations you hate
Things that smell like death
Other people’s expectations
Why public restrooms are the worst
Gross ass foods
Songs that make your ears bleed
…and dozens more.

Whatever it is, whoever it is – if it messes with your head or rubs you the wrong way, this is the place to get it off your chest. With this creative journal, nobody’s looking but you. Just pick it up and start spilling whenever you need to vent. It may not transform everything that drives you crazy into pretty butterflies and rainbows, but you’ll have a blast getting all that shit out of your system and onto the pages of this journal. Vent away!

SHIT THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY is the perfect gift for yourself (go ahead, you deserve it!), or for any friend in need of a healthy laugh… and a little de-stressing therapy.

Kids’ Favorite Science Experiments

Compiled & edited by Jim Erskine
Illustrated by Jess Erskine


Kids are just naturally curious & full of questions, and the tried-and-true “kid-favorite” experiments in WOW! CAN WE DO THAT AGAIN? are a super fun way to get them really excited about science!

Join our science mascots Rusty, Penny and Ben and discover step-by-step instructions (and explanations!) for over 80 easy-to-do, hands-on science activities, including:

Creeping Crystals! Climbing Water! The Amazing Egg in a Bottle! Flaming Tornadoes! Soda Pop Fountains! Rock Candy! Color Symphonies! Sink of Float? Blubber Gloves! Foaming Colors! Making Moon Craters! Fruit Surgery! Guck Power! Magic Soap! Erupting Volcanoes! Hovering Balloons! Light Up the Night! Instant Cheese! Disappearing Eggshells! Dancing Raisins! Jumping Flames! Backwards Brains! Soda Can Implosions! Burning Sugar! Elephant Toothpaste! Incredi-Bubbles! Fireworks in you Mouth! … and dozens more.

These tried-and-true family approved science experiments and activities are perfect for kids of all ages – and loads of fun too. They’re guaranteed to make your kids say “Wow! Can we do that again?”

Coloring Book

by Jess Erskine


Color your way thru the year with Rusty, Penny & Ben your friends from “WOW! Can We Do That Again, Science Experiments” (also available on Amazon).

These adorable characters promote positive family values and education, including; family dinner time, helping with chores, reading, friendship, imagination & more!

Wow! Can We Do That Again? Coloring Book offers over three dozen fun and exciting adventures to color that are sure to keep your child busy for hours!

Love this coloring book? Grab our companion science book to go with it! “Wow! Can We Do That Again? Science Experiments” on Amazon!