About Us

 Welcome to our little corner of the internet!

We’re a father/daughter team & we love creating books.
Let us introduce ourselves:


Owner – Publisher – Illustrator

Jess Erskine was born and raised in the foothills of Kentucky – where tea is the sweetest, and gravy goes on everything. Jess is a self-taught illustrator, and the founder of Rolling Donut Press, where she currently specializes in coloring books and children’s books.

Jess developed her love for illustration thru an early obsession over Hal Foster’s “Prince Valiant” comic series. Most of her childhood was spent listening to vintage radio programs, annoying her brothers, and poring over Foster’s beautifully detailed illustrations.

When she isn’t nose-deep in illustration, Jess can be found playing with her hellion cat Morty, collaborating with her dad Jim Erskine, striving for the highest Tetris score and searching for the world’s best donuts.


Publisher – Author – Marketing Specialist

Jim is an illustrator as well as a writer, but rarely shares his drawing talent any more. Over the years, Jim has authored several dozen books including New York Times Bestsellers “How to Fold A Banana”,  and “Throw A Tomato”. These days, Jim mostly writes homeschool how-to’s, books on love, death, teaching and more.

Jim is the owner & operator of Homeschool Freebie of the Day, Homeway Press, Deep Down Press & Arf Arf Studios. When he manages to snag some free time, Jim enjoys early morning walks with his wife Susan, telling his dog Alfie he’s a “good boy”, and settling in to watch a good ol’ monster movie with a big cup of hibiscus tea.




     ALFRED (Alfie) 
CEO of Naps – Executive Vice President of Whining

Alfie is Jim’s rescue pitbull whose silly, loving nature and food obsession inspired the logo for Rolling Donut Press.

Alfie’s favorite things include; hanging with Jim, naps, taking walks with Jim, biscuits, hugs from Jim, naps, and his all time favorite thing: Jim.


MORTIMER (Morty)Professional Mouser – Hide & Seek Specialist

Morty is packed full of attitude and spice, and was the inspiration for the latest title “Cooking With Cats”. Morty is easily Jess’ favorite cat of all time, and knows it.

Morty’s favorite things include; attacking legs, chasing bugs, hide and seek, naps, kickin’ it with Jess and watching The Office.

We’d love to hear from you! Questions? Comments? Jokes? Favorite recipes?
We’re up for anything.
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