101 Fun & Petty Ways to Annoy Your Cat

About “101 Fun & Petty Ways to Annoy Your Cat”

101 Fun & Petty Ways to
Annoy Your Cat

written by Jim Erskine
illustrated by Jess Erskine
Rolling Donut Press

Your cat’s #1 purpose in life (besides eating and sleeping) is to ANNOY YOU.

But you already know that, don’t you?

Even though you bend over backwards to keep your cuddly kitty happy, their maddening behavior and “Serve me or else, human!” attitude says it all. And all this time, you’ve just had to suck it up and deal with it.

But now — it’s payback time!

In this delightfully silly and ridiculously petty collection (um… you don’t mind being petty, do you?) you’ll discover dozens of creative ways to annoy, embarrass, and generally have more fun with your cat than you ever thought possible (at least until the cat poop hits the fan):

* Teach your cat how to twerk!

* Play “blubba blubba blubba” with your cat’s lips!

* Help them sign their own name!

* Learn the proper way to make your cat fly!

* Pretend your cat is a ventriloquist’s dummy!

* Place a mirror next to their litter box so they will have company when they go!

With over 101 delightfully wicked ideas and dozens of witty cartoons by best-selling illustrator Jess Erskine, 101 Fun & Petty Ways to Annoy Your Cat is a laugh-out-loud humor book and the perfect gift for every cat lover who’s ever dreamed of giving their favorite furry friend a taste of their own medicine.

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About the Creators

Jim Erskine is the author of over thirty humor and children’s books, and operates the popular homeschooling website Homeschool Freebie Of The Day.com. He lives in a state of constant aggravation thanks to his daughter Jess’s cat, Morty.

Jess Erskine is the founder of Rolling Donut Press, and is the author and illustrator of over a dozen books, including Cooking With Cats, Finish the Drawing, Coupons for Couples, and 50 Simple Reasons Why I Love You Mom. Jess loves to cook and is currently trying to find the perfect peach pie recipe, so if you have a good one please share! 

Q&A with Illustrator JESS ERSKINE

How did you two come up with the idea for 101 FUN & PETTY WAYS TO ANNOY YOUR CAT?

My dad thought of it first, and started compiling a “bucket list” of funny ways to annoy my cat Morty for all the crap he dishes out. I loved the idea and jumped aboard to illustrate it.

So your cat is the inspiration for the book?

Yep. Morty showed up after hitching a ride under my mom’s car while she was at a friend’s house. I guess he decided he didn’t like living there with his siblings, or maybe he got kicked out. Either way, I was going through a a really rough patch at the time, and he was just this tiny baby with a bad sinus infection that made him sneeze a lot, so we were like “Yeah, he’s so sweet and adorable, let’s keep him.” Mistake. He wasn’t sweet.

After we nursed him to full health he turned into a little hellion. There was a lot of stalking, leg attacks, scratches and paranoia while trying to avoid his wrath. I used to have to take a spray bottle with me everywhere I went, it was kind of scary and humiliating at the same time. I think he was just super spoiled so he liked to be an ass. Ha. I could go on and on with Morty stories but I’ll just say he’s certainly been an entertaining (if slightly terrifying) cat. He’s almost two now so he’s mellowed out a lot. Now he just likes glaring at you and demanding food constantly. 

Is this book mean to cats?

Well, a little DEmeaning maybe… but no, it isn’t meant to be mean. We wanted to create a humor book that any true cat lover could laugh at and relate to. Lots of the things we suggest are not only funny, but are actually quite fun ways to play with your cat. It’s not really supposed to be an instruction manual, but you never know with some folks! Every cat needs a little payback every once in a while!

Have you tried any of these to annoy your cat?

Oh yes. He’s a punk so I like messing with him whenever possible. It’s funny because it’s like he’s realized what we’re doing, so he’ll wait patiently while I tease him, then when I least expect it he’ll follow me around hollering his head off, or jump out at me from another room to make me scream. 

Where can people find your book?

They can find it at RollingDonutPress.com or on Amazon, right next to my coloring book, Cooking With Cats!