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We're a father/daughter team & we love creating books.
Let us introduce ourselves:

Jess Erskine

Illustrator – Author

Jess Erskine founded Rolling Donut Press in 2016.
She is the author and illustrator of over a dozen books, including Cooking With Cats, Finish the Drawing series, Classy Clucks, and 50 Simple Reasons Why I Love You Mom.  Jess lives in central Kentucky and enjoys gardening and spending time with her husband and family. 
Follow Jess on instagram for pictures of cute pets, art and food!

Jim Erskine

Editor – Author

Jim Erskine
is the author of over thirty humor and children’s books, including New York Times Bestsellers “How to Fold A Banana”,  and “Throw A Tomato”.
Jim operates the popular homeschooling website Homeschool Freebie.com. He spends his free time watching old monster movies, going on dates with his beautiful wife, and walking his needy dog Alfie. 

We love our rescues:

(rescued from a bad past)
CEO of Whining – Professional Napper

Alfie is Jim's rescue pitbull whose silly, loving nature and food obsession inspired the logo for Rolling Donut Press. 
Alfie's favorite things include; hanging with Jim, naps, taking walks with Jim, biscuits, hugs from Jim, more naps, and his all time favorite thing: Jim.

(showed up on the doorstep)
Food Connoisseur –  Assassin

Morty has an attitude problem and to be honest, he's kind of a butt.
He provided lots of inspiration for the bestselling coloring book; “Cooking With Cats”. Morty's favorite things include; popcorn, naps, destroying every living thing and world domination.

(adopted from a shelter)
Explorer – Vocalist

Cuddle bug by night, string keeper by day. 
Bella is a one-of-a-kind cat who loves to talk and has a major string obsession. Sit on string, chase string, talk about string, sleep on string: string is life. (No she doesn't eat string)

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