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We’re a father/daughter team & we love creating books.
Let us introduce ourselves:



Jess Erskine is the founder of Rolling Donut Press, and the author and illustrator of over a dozen books, including Cooking With Cats, Finish the Drawing, Coupons for Couples, and 50 Simple Reasons Why I Love You Mom.  Jess lives in central Kentucky and enjoys taking woodland walks, hanging out with family, and getting into arguments over Phase 10. 



Publisher – Author 

Jim Erskine is the author of over thirty humor and children’s books, including New York Times Bestsellers “How to Fold A Banana”,  and “Throw A Tomato”. Jim operates the popular homeschooling website Homeschool Freebie Of The Day.com. He lives in a state of constant aggravation thanks to his daughter Jess’s cat, Morty.




     ALFRED (Alfie) 
CEO of Naps – Executive Vice President of Whining

Alfie is Jim’s rescue pitbull whose silly, loving nature and food obsession inspired the logo for Rolling Donut Press. Alfie’s favorite things include; hanging with Jim, naps, taking walks with Jim, biscuits, hugs from Jim, naps, and his all time favorite thing: Jim.


MORTIMER (Morty) (Mortuary) (Snoot Nose) (Asshole)Food Connoisseur – Nap Specialist – Assassin

Morty has an attitude problem and to be honest, he’s kind of a butt. He provided lots of inspiration for the bestselling coloring book; “Cooking With Cats”. Morty’s favorite things include; pate, naps, destroying every living thing and world domination.

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