Finish the Drawing Contest

My heart is so full. 

If you're a member of the “in” crowd on homeschool freebie's mailing list then you'll know that last week we gave you some freebie sample pages from our “Finish the Drawing” series and threw an impromtu art contest.
You all did not disappoint.

It was so fun to look at each of your fun, unique and creative entries. You all have outdone yourselves.
I know we were supposed to have just 3 winners, but you all made it SO HARD TO CHOOSE.  Michael helped me, we looked at each one and loved them all!
We decided to make an extra category for our favorites. 

Thank you for your patience. 
I asked dad to move back the announcement twice due to many more entries than we expected (well over 350! You guys ROCK!) and also due to my husband Michael getting sick. (We don't know what he has as it's very difficult to be seen in a clinic or to get a test. He had a fever and cough so he was denied an exam and recommended to the ER due to having symptoms that could be Covid-19. We decided not to go to the hospital and risk exposure, or exposing others. We were told to quarantine for 14 days. Michael is recovering, I feel fine so far. We have plenty of food, vitamins and supplies, as well as great family who are regularly checking on us. We're enjoying the time together, even with the sickness, although I do miss the folks.) 

Thank you for so many kind comments along with your entries.
I know the families have enjoyed a distraction for the kids, and believe me, I've enjoyed the distraction too.
It's been a real treat looking at your wonderful artworks instead of the news.
Thank you guys so much.

Jess Erskine

P.S. In an effort to be fair, I only allowed one entry per contestant. If you sent in more than one drawing and did not specify which to enter, I used the first attached image for the contest. I did try to share every drawing that was sent in, which can be found in the “full gallery” and can also be found categorized by age.

P.P.S If your artwork is missing, I misspelled your name or age, please send me an email at



Happy Easter!

Your friends,
-The Erskine's

(Photo from 2019. My brother Rusty was out of town, so I had fun with some Photoshop, but yes, he really did hold a monkey!)